IAMHP Joins Perri Small on WVON

10 May 2021 10:00 PM | IAMHP Support (Administrator)

Throughout the month of April, for Minority Health Month, IAMHP’s CEO Samantha Olds Frey joined Perri Small on WVON to talk about the Medicaid program and its importance as the healthcare safety-net for over 3 million Illinoisans.

In these weekly segments, Samantha and Perri discussed everything from the basics of the Medicaid program, black maternal health and how to address healthcare disparities, children’s mental health, and the COVID vaccine.

The first conversation specifically focused on the difference between Medicaid and Medicare, the benefit of managed care, and the eligibility for the Medicaid program and the healthcare coverage members receive from it.

Listen as IAMHP CEO, Samantha Olds Frey, breaks down everything Illinois’ extensive Medicaid program covers and why demand for it increased during the pandemic.

After covering the basics of Medicaid, Samantha and Perri discussed black maternal health and the efforts Medicaid health plans and the Department of Healthcare and Family Services are taking to address healthcare disparities. This discussion covered Illinois being the first state in the country to extend postpartum coverage to a full year and how this can help to address implicit bias, healthcare disparities and the high maternal morbidity rates in black mothers.

Listen as IAMHP CEO, Samantha Olds Frey talks about how legislation to extend postpartum coverage from 60 days to one full year is crucial for new mothers as they acclimate to what is normally one of the most challenging years they’ll face.

The Medicaid program is not only the largest payor of Mental Health services in Illinois, but it also covers approximately 1/3rd of children. In light of this, Perri and Samantha dove into a conversation about the many challenges children have had to face, from the pandemic and virtual learning to social unrest and reacclimating to in-person learning, and the toll it’s take on their mental health.

Listen as IAMHP CEO, Samantha Olds Frey describes how, though we’ve all faced challenges over the past year, the effect is especially detrimental to children, and why it’s so important to address their mental health now.

Finally, Samantha and Perri spoke about the importance of getting vaccinated and the support Medicaid health plans are offering to ensure vaccine access for all of their members. 

Listen as IAMHP CEO, Samantha Olds Frey outlines how Medicaid health plans are ensuring Medicaid members get vaccinated and why Perri Small thinks it is “nothing short of remarkable.”

IAMHP was happy to join Perri Small and WVON to focus on healthcare policy and the Medicaid program for Minority Health Awareness month.

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