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In December 2022, a federal omnibus package was passed which sunsets the continuous eligibility requirement for Medicaid beginning on April 1, 2023.

In Illinois, paperwork to redetermine Medicaid eligibility will start to be sent out at the end of April, and this process will continue monthly until all redeterminations are complete.

It is critical that Medicaid members update their addresses as soon as possible if they have not already done so by calling 877-805-5312 or visiting  This will ensure that Medicaid members are able to receive their redetermination paperwork.  Illinois enrollees can also update their address via the HFS website here:

Medicaid members should watch for the Medicaid Benefits Renewal Form from HFS in the mail.  Members can complete the form or create a Manage My Case account to apply for benefits online or make any changes to their case by visiting

Medicaid members can also call the DHS Hotline (1- 800-843-6154) for assistance or questions about paperwork.  Community-based application agents will also be available to assist with questions or completing paperwork.

IAMHP and its member plans are also here to assist with answering any questions and helping providers and enrollees navigate this process.  If you require assistance please email



For more information visit:

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The Illinois Association of Medicaid Health Plans (IAMHP) developed a Medicaid Benefit Brochure to serve as a guide for current and future Medicaid members to understand the comprehensive benefit provided by the Medicaid program, the added benefits of being enrolled in Medicaid managed care, and how to enroll in each program.

Download IAMHP Medicaid Benefit Brochure.pdf

Download Spanish IAMHP Medicaid Benefit Brochure.pdf


Ensuring access to transportation to medical appointments for Medicaid members remains a top priority for the Illinois Association of Medicaid Health Plans (IAMHP) and our member health plans. As such, IAMHP, Aetna Better Health of Illinois, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, CountyCare, Humana, Meridian and Molina have pulled together a Member Transportation Brochure to help Medicaid members with scheduling of transportation for medical appointments.

Download Member Transit Brochure

Avoiding the ER as a Result of Care Management

A 57-year old female with behavioral health issues ran out of medication and began to become confused when her care manager called for a wellness check. With no access to transportation and unable to pay for the pharmacy delivery fee, Humana care manager reached out to the pharmacy and convinced the store manager to deliver the medication to the member’s home. During a follow up visit a week later it was determined the member qualified for non-medical transportation and daytime support services.

Less Focus on Forms, More Focus on Patient Care

A 52-year old male became frustrated after being turned away from a specialist to treat his umbilical hernia because he didn’t have an authorization for the visit.  Member was also told he needed a colonoscopy but the gastroenterologist would not perform it until the hernia repair was complete.  The care manager called the doctor’s office with the member and walked through them through the authorization process. As a result the member had his hernia repair arranged scheduled his colonoscopy and has authorizations approved to see an ophthalmologist for glaucoma treatment.

Sounding Board & Education Source for Cancer Treatment

Following several routine tests it was revealed the member had a lung nodule that had grown in size and the doctor needed the member’s consent to biopsy the nodule.  The member opted to refuse because he was hesitant about undergoing the procedure.  A case manager RN, using her medical expertise, discussed his fears, explained the procedure and made sure he knew his options and the possible outcomes involved in each option.  The member did consent to the biopsy but unfortunately it was cancerous.  While he underwent treatment, the case manager RN spoke with him frequently to offer continued encouragement, education and support.  The member has finished treatment and as of his last MRI he is cancer free. 

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